Tips for selling my home



We usually make up our mind within seconds of meeting a person. When prospective buyers visit your house they are doing the same thing. There will be an instant appeal for buyers to come inside your house wish to see more. Let’s start with the front door. Make it urge people to turn the handle and come inside. Paint it and consider adding a seasonal wreath or other minor decoration. Just make sure it's not anything too overpowering. Clear the sidewalks and mow the lawn. Paint faded window trim and plant some yellow flowers if the season allows. Yellow evokes a buying emotion and marigolds are inexpensive. Trim your bushes. Make sure visitors can clearly read your house number.


If you want to keep certain window coverings, chandeliers, built-in appliances, or fixtures with you, now is the time to remove them. Everything attached to the walls is part of the sale. It is better to take care of it before we list your house, rather than having a buyer falling in love with it and trying to dispute it. In some cases this could be a deal breaker. It is better to prevent.


To get top dollars for your home and in very competitive markets like ours, repairs repairs can make or break your sale. If possible, replace cracked floor or counter tiles and patch any holes in the walls. Fix leaky faucets and doors that don't close properly, as well as kitchen drawers that jam. Consider painting your walls neutral colors. Replace burned-out light bulbs and consider replacing those that have been in service for a while as well.


It is all about psychology. And you do want light, as much of it as possible. Throw open the curtains and blinds, check all the lightbulbs and turn them on. Houses show better when each room is bright and people feel welcomed. Well illuminated areas make your home look more attractive. 


Cleaning your home should go beyond the usual weekly or day-to-day cleaning job. It could take all day to complete this job so you might want to pay for assistance. Wash the windows inside and out. Rent a pressure washer and spray down sidewalks and the exterior. Re-caulk tubs, showers, and sinks. Polish chrome faucets and mirrors.


Let’s plan together your most convenient schedule to show your home by appointment. Allow us to discuss price, terms, possession and important factors of the transaction with the buyer. We are qualified to negotiate to obtain the best outcome.

““Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it. Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds.”

— Barbara Corcoran


  • Closets. These look substantially larger if they are neatly organized by colors

  • Books. Keep only a few of them on your shelves. If these are not in good shape, make covers of the same color, and arrange by sizes

  • Furniture. Evaluate and remove the furniture that could be of excess. Keep in mind that less is more

  • Kitchens and bathrooms. These areas help sell homes. Keep them clean and neat, check the caulking, tiles, and handles. If necessary replace the fixtures. Make them sparkle. Keep all your cooking gadgets out of sight. Add candles and scents to tackle a combination of senses

  • Patience. Wait to start packing and getting rid of some of your furniture until the prospective buyer has removed all contingencies

  • Staging. Let’s consider it. Remember, when working with us you are working with a team who has on board a professional in the area of design. When selling your house it is the right time to look absolutely captivating

  • Pets. We all love them, but this is the right time to keep them out of the way

  • Depersonalize. Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms

  • Disassociate Yourself With Your Home. Letting go can be difficult. You've lived here, possibly for years, and it's your home. It's become a part of you. Make the mental decision to "let go" of your emotions and focus on the fact that soon this house will no longer be yours. Say goodbye to every room. Stand in each doorway and talk out loud about your memories if that's what it takes. Do not look backward—look to the future