Salk Institute Back to Basics Lecture Series


The Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA as a part of its public events presents the series titled “Back to Basics”.

Today’s subject was “Combating the earliest stages in cancer development”. We were able to enjoy Dr. Jan Karlseder’s in an interesting scientific presentation in which he briefly explained the research his laboratory is doing to understand the cells, how telomeres and telomerase works and by understanding this they have a goal to reach: prevent cancer from happening. He highlighted the dangers of immortality since it is precisely the definition of cancer cells as well and the different strategies they are working on.

We encourage you to attend the Salk Institute public events. The amazing scientists who work for this beloved institute in San Diego try their best to explain in simple works their job so that everybody in the audience is able to have a better understanding of the subject.

Please click on this link to watch the Salk Institute presentation:

Check out the Salk Institute calendar of events: we hope to see you around!